Monthly plan renters: You must reserve the studio ahead of time through the online reservation calendar. Studio time is reserved on a first come, first serve basis.

First time hourly renters: 6pm - 10pm Mon-Fri or 9am-7pm Sun. The first time you rent the studio, you are restricted to these hours. This is so someone from our staff can show you the studio, the proper use of equipment, etc. For any subsequent hourly rentals, you may be furnished with a one-time use only access code, and studio time can be booked at anytime. All monthly renters must go though renter orientation prior to there first booked studio time. This is approximately 30 to 45 minutes and does not count toward your booked time.


Renter will leave studio in the same shape they found it. Furniture, props, & lights must be returned to their original location. Background paper must be clean, and rolled up. Renter also agrees that any furniture, lights, props, or other items provided by the studio that are broken, ruined, or stolen during the renter's time must be replaced or paid for within 72 hours. Items left at the studio after 7 days will be assumed abandoned and will be discarded (if arrangements have not been made prior to the rental).

Renters agree that they will schedule all studio booking time either through the online reservation calendar, or by calling Evocative Studios. If a Renter is found to be using the studio during a time at which they have not reserved it, your use will be terminated, with no refunds given. Early contract cancellation fee is 1.5 times the regular monthy rate for the package purchased. Additionally, BLOCK BOOKING WITH NO SCHEDULED APPOINTMENTS FOR THAT TIME SLOT IS NOT PERMITTED. Every renter deserves the opportunity to reserve the space.

Evocative Studios reserves the right to change it's policies and contracts at anytime without prior notification.


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